Alumni Trip Highlights

Birthright Israel with Argentinians: Connecting with our Jewish Identities

Growing up, I went to Sunday school every Sunday until I was 16. For a time, I was even at the synagogue on a weekday evening after soccer practice for Hebrew/religious school as well. At a young age, I felt connected to my Jewish identity; I loved the songs, the prayers, the food (other than maror), the holidays, and the community. …  Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Birthright Israel Fellows: Leading the Way

“So, let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves by saying our names, where we’re from, our most memorable Birthright Israel moment, how each of us defines our Jewish identity, a value that represents how we live our lives, and what each of us is hoping to get out of being here at Birthright Israel Fellows.” And, this is how…  Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Connecting with Grandma: How My Birthright Israel Trip Reconnected Us

Over the last few years, Birthright Israel and Birthright Israel Foundation have become dear to my heart. This is in large part due to Margie Honickman who many in the Philadelphia area know and love. Margie sits on the Board of Directors and is the Philadelphia Leadership Council Co-Chair for the Foundation too. Before I began working for her, I had never heard of…  Read More 

Shabbat Recipes to Help You Slow Down and Celebrate

After a long week of work or school, Shabbat serves as a prime opportunity to relax, recharge, connect with loved ones, and sit down for a nice meal. The festivities, which begin at sundown on Friday, commemorate the day when G-d rested after creating the entire world, in the Torah.  And you thought your week was busy! TGIF—Literally Enjoying Shabbat…  Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Birthright Israel Ignited My Love of Judaism Even More

My love for Judaism was ignited at my Bar Mitzvah and the candle has stayed aflame since that day. It was only when my sister went on Birthright Israel, I became interested in going to Israel, where all our prayers go. I have Autism and I knew that I too could have my Birthright Israel experience with peers from all walks of life.   At first, I was nervous about being the only…  Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Say It Forward: Spreading the Word in the Jewish Community

Have you ever performed a mitzvah and told the recipient to “pay it forward”? A common saying in popular culture, the term was likely coined during the early 20th century, though the concept dates back to ancient literature. The idea is simple: Rather than repaying an act of kindness, do something kind for someone else. Birthright Israel Foundation is rooted…  Read More 
Alumni Love Stories

Birthright Israel Love Story: Tatiana & Haley

In summer 2017, Tatiana Lundstrom and Haley Harris-Bloom thought Birthright Israel would be a great opportunity to get in touch with their Jewish heritage. Hours into their trip, the two were sitting together on the bus and within days had fallen in love. Check out our interview with the couple to see how their Birthright Israel love story unfolds. What…  Read More 
Leadership & Supporters

Amy Jaffee: A Birthright Israel Parent on a Mission

We are excited to announce Amy Jaffee as the new Co-Chair of Birthright Israel Foundation’s Long Island Leadership Cabinet. Amy is on a mission to ensure young Jewish adults worldwide receive the gift of Birthright Israel. It sounds like a massive project to undertake, right? For Amy, it’s personal.   Two decades ago, Amy heard of Birthright Israel before trips even began, when the project was in its infancy. She could…  Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Israel Taught Me to Commit to My Jewish Heritage and Be My Best Self

I was raised in an interfaith family. My mother is Jewish, and my father is Catholic. Religion wasn't an important aspect of my life. I didn't grow up going to synagogue, temple, or church. My parents wanted us to believe whatever was best for my older brother and me. However, to understand my Jewish heritage and the Christian cultural aspects,…  Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Birthright Israel Connected Me to My Jewish Heritage

It has always been my dream to visit Israel. And when my parents decided they would not hold my two younger sisters’ B’not Mitzvah in Israel, I knew I had to find another way. Birthright Israel was the way I fulfilled that promise.  Early on in the trip, our group toured the Golan Heights. Instantly my college studies on history…  Read More 
Trip Highlights

MythBuster: Common Misconceptions About Birthright Israel Trips

Has your beloved family member accepted the gift of a Birthright Israel trip? Mazel tov! He or she is one step closer to embracing the Jewish homeland. While you’re probably excited about the upcoming trip, we understand if you’re also nervous. The media and uninformed masses often spread misinformation about the Jewish state. There are many things people get wrong…  Read More 

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