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Follow Your Dollar: Where Do Birthright Israel Foundation Donations Go?

It began as a casual conversation about his desire to support the State of Israel. Now, Ron Eichel has gifted over 400 Jewish young adults the opportunity to claim their birthright.  Eichel is a strong supporter of Jewish organizations like The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and AIPAC. He added Birthright Israel Foundation to that list because it’s a “tangible”…  Read More 
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Understanding the Role of Birthright Israel in Jewish American Culture

Something magical happens when Jewish young adults decide to claim their birthright. They journey to Israel with few or no ties to their Jewishness, yet return with a powerful connection to their homeland and heritage. Most U.S. alumni end up embracing Jewish American culture in their daily lives. The cultural landscape of American Jewry looks different today than it did…  Read More 
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Discovering the Real Israel on Birthright Israel

Growing up in Massachusetts, my family went to temple every so often. I started going less and less after my Bar Mitzvah, even though we still celebrated Hanukkah. I heard about Birthright Israel through my mom and I was reluctant, but I was still interested. Initially, I looked at a general Birthright Israel trip, but as I talked with the organizers, they told me…  Read More 
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The Gift That Keeps Giving: Ensuring the Jewish Heritage of Future Generations

Over the past two decades, Birthright Israel Foundation has helped send more than 750,000 Jewish young adults to Israel. The vast majority returned with a newfound connection to their homeland and a lifelong commitment to their Jewish heritage. That’s why we call Birthright Israel a gift that keeps on giving. The trip itself is a gift, but it also gives…  Read More 
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A Message from Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks to the Supporters of Birthright Israel

Dear Friends, In decades to come, we will look back on 2020 as a watershed moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has already changed so much. We are in the midst of a public health crisis, an economic crisis, a race crisis, a law and order crisis, the ripples of which have been felt around the world. To rebuild what we have…  Read More 
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Birthright Israel is a Game-Changer for American Jews, Says Indiana’s Bob Schuckit

As a child in Madison, Wisconsin, Bob Schuckit grew up in a Conservadox household where his Jewish heritage was extremely important. His parents were immigrants and valued the strength and support of their local Jewish community. Eventually, he left Wisconsin and attended Brandeis University. Here, he had a wonderful time and credits the school for keeping his passion for Judaism…  Read More 
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Birthright Israel: The Gift for the Jewish Future

A dangerous misconception exists; the Jewish people are oriented to the past. Our collective age, deep connection to ancient traditions, our lived memory of events centuries before our time, the image of Tevye singing, “Tradition!” and more sometimes belie the truth: We are not a people of the past. We are a people of the future.  In our tradition, we count up. Whether it…  Read More 

What Is Rosh Hashanah? 10 Key Facts to Know

The Jewish High Holy Days, also known as the 10 Days of Repentance or Awe, are approaching faster than three blasts of a ram’s horn. It’s time for us to let go of the old as we embrace the Jewish New Year. A time of reflection and renewal, the High Holy Days kick off with Rosh Hashanah, Hebrew for “head…  Read More 
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Looking Forward: A Rosh Hashanah Message from Izzy Tapoohi

Each year as the summer winds down, the Jewish community prepares to observe the High Holy Days.  The evening breeze, the anticipation of fall, are all part of the build-up to Rosh Hashanah.  We enjoy the last minutes of summer, we prepare our children and grandchildren to return to school, we shop for dresses, ties, and shoes to add to…  Read More 
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A Look at Why Rob Clarfeld Supports Birthright Israel

Like hundreds of thousands of other Jewish parents, Rob Clarfeld first learned of Birthright Israel when his son went on a trip. He remembers his son Larry, then a student at the University of Vermont, informing him: “I’m going to Israel with a group called Birthright Israel.” Within a few weeks, Larry and his girlfriend (now wife) were in Israel;…  Read More 
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How Birthright Israel Trips Impact Indiana University Students

Staffing Birthright Israel trips are the most rewarding aspect of my job. My desire to pursue Hillel work stems from prodigious positive memories formulated during 13 years of attending a Yeshiva day school. Over the course of ten days Birthright Israel trips are able to successfully create more positive memories and enable growth for students in ways in which Jewish…  Read More 

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